Whatever America hopes to come to pass in the world, must first come to pass in the heart of America.

- Dwight D. Eisenhower


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Our Goals

  • Draft a regional Climate Action Plan

  • Develop State legislative platforms for climate action

  • Create a policy playbook of solutions that can be implemented by municipal elected leaders

  • Facilitate an annual Climate Action Summit

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  • Facilitated Advancing Climate Solutions workshop for 130 local leaders and elected officials in December 2018

  • Supported wind energy and energy fairness through policy advocacy at the state level

  • Partnering with 100 elected officials from 25+ Metro cities

  • Hosted the 2019 Climate Action Summit with 750+ attendees and 40 speakers


  • 2019 National League of Cities Leadership in Community Resilience grant

  • 2019 League of Women Voters Making Democracy Work award

  • 2019 Climate + Energy Project Change Maker award

Current Efforts

  • Partnering with the Global Covenant of Mayors and the IUC to create a Climate Action Plan for Metropolitan Kansas City

  • Continuing to expand the number of elected officials, leaders and advocates we work with in order to ensure representation across all cities and counties in the Metro KC region.

  • Supporting efforts to transition municipalities to 100% carbon free energy

  • Developing state legislative platforms for climate action in Kansas and Missouri

  • Drafting the Climate Action Playbook